Teepee 2011 Prague

Installation in public space / upcycling/ process
Thanks_ Ondřej Mladý, Punx23, Nomads of Prague, Tereza Reichová, Kuba Pešek, Bára Šiklová, Dita
5meters high teepee, wood, plastic, plastic banners_ Prague

Teepee built from materials found in the streets of Prague. Tarpaulin is made of stolen Prague municiplatities adverts around controversial Blanka tunnel, being built in Letná park area. Object is 5m tall. One home–less couple started to use teepee as a shelter few days after the installation. Teepee stayed at this place for 3 months and was removed by the artist after the home–less couple left.

Teepee is shown in Streetosphere videodocumentary by ARTE tv

















the remains of Teepee



throwing out the remains of Teepee


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