Mock Up 2023 Holland


Mock Up


“Vladimir Turner’s artwork raises questions about the relationship between the political realities of climate issues, energy transition and the state of our earth. In an absurdist way, it shows us the point where we are today.”

Mock -up. 7 meters high kinetic sculpture. Inflatable construction is powered by small solar power plant. Oil jack is inflated and is swinging only when there is enough solar energy to fill it. The second position is the moment of collapse. The collapse we are experiencing thanks to fossil capitalism.

Are we living in a political and media backdrop of a functional world? Do we even have a chance to switch to renewable energy and maintain climate justice for all? Would corporations move to renewables if they weren’t receiving huge financial subsidies from states to do so?


Produced for Ijssel Biennale 2023
Assistant_ Mars Industries
Thank you_ Jan Kchari Karafiát, Koen Bril, Duurzame Boer, Familie Wolters
Inflatables made by Airprob

Full photo- documentation on Flickr