Brisneyland 2013 Brisbane

Series of interventions, installations and performances
production: Memefest(thanks Oliver Vodeb)
Brisbane / 2012

complete documentation on Flickr

Czech guy getting nails done by ilegal Vietnamese worker in Australia
5:08min videoperformance




Dont work

Don’t work
2,5 x 1m transparent
Located in Southbank area at construction site waiting to be turned into luxury housing.




No boomerang effect
3:39min videoperformance
Giving out free boomerangs with one dollar coin stuck to it. Performance took place in front of the biggest casino in Brisbane.




Greystreet inspiration

Greystreet Inspiration
Installing grey painted palette on cut–down tree at Greystreet.




Everything is fine 3

Everything is fine 2

Everything Is Fine
Planting two trees through plastic fence.




200 Lifes Saved
Burning out 200 “Mystery bet” betting tickets stolen from a casino.