Forbidden Fruit 2019

Forbidden Fruit
Public intervention

„Just as the tree of life, standing in the midst of paradise, means regeneration and a return to the original state of perfection, Turner’s tree with sprouting cobblestones instead of fruit represents a symbol of renewal and the desire to establish new, fairer conditions. It is an expression of resistance to the existing power structures and their repressive apparatus, simultaneously expressing disapprovaIot any form of subordination and conformism. Although the tree is located in an almost deserted place, practically hidden from people’s eyes. it paradoxically personifies primarily the voice of the street, as the prime instigator and mover of social change. Thus, if the tree of knowledge is in many traditions associated with the first man and his fall, Turner’s tree can be conceived as a symbol of the beginning of a new tradition and new rise of human beings.“

Cuckoo Festival

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