Greenwashing 2021 Luhačovice





Commissioned installation in public space_ Luhačovice, Czech Republic
Part of Luhovaný Vincent festival
Curator_ Jakub Frank

Artificial grass, wood, sandbags
Dimensions 3 x 5 meters

Many corporations started to present themselves as environmentally friendly while they just adapt to new climate situation so they can continue their business. These marketing strategies are smoke screen to hide real problems. They push consumer to feel personal guilt if he/she can not buy bio, fair-trade, organic products etc. There is a long list of various corporations like airlines, fossil industry, chains of food supplies, car manufacturers, … We can find greenwashing strategies even within political propaganda.

I created this installation in the cheapest way so it looks like theatrical scenery and it’s fakenes is glaring. Fake grass in contrast with the real one is just as absurd as greenwashing agenda of billionaires and their corporations. Unskillful way of this construction from its backside is in contrast with clean frontside facade. The same as advertisement provides us: beautiful packaging but rotten from inside.

All the material from this piece will be reused in different context.Thanks to production team of Luhovaný Vincent

Full documentation by Monika Abrhámová on Flickr