Let’s Connect Yesterday 2023


Let’s Connect Yesterday


Resilience in between resignation and revolution.
Resist means to stay in a situation, even if it is desperate!


Resilience as the ability to cope with crises and unexpected disruptions is portrayed in this film through movement performance and scientific lecture. The viewer is offered the opportunity to understand situational sequences that simulate principles such as homeostasis, finding supports and resources for adaptation and transformation, on two levels. First on an abstract emotional level, then through concrete philosophical interpretation. The acceptance of ambiguity is not only a condition for the perception of an artwork, but also one of the essential prerequisites for the development and maintenance of resilience. Loss of certainty, disorientation and liminal states are understood here not only as threats but also as states of high potentiality. However, a prerequisite for such a perception is the provision of a minimum margin of safety and trust. This artistic film by Vladimír Turner is based on the scientific research of the philosopher Alice Koubová and the theatre performance of the Tantehorse ensemble directed by Miřenka Čechová and Markéta Vacovská.

director_ Vladimír Turner
DoP_ Petr Racek
second camera_ David Ticháček
additional camera_ Vladimír Turner
editing_ Vladimír Turner
sound_ Adam Bláha
color grading_ Petr Racek
assistant_ Martin Král
graphic design and VFX_ Petr Kněžek

16 minutes, Czech language with English subtitles