Nevim coby2007 Prague

11min PAL video_ Prague / 2007


Doprovodný text

Nevim Coby koncept
Accompanying text

I want to rise against. Loving mother passed me our flat, where I live with my beautiful girlfriend. She has got big Brest and studies art. I am a student of prestigious schoul as well. I got there right after finishing secondary schoul and all of my friends are envious of that. At age of 19 I was able to earn more money than my aunt with three prefixes, but I wasn´t putting it on with work. Webzine, thet I hork for is growing prejty well. I made my dream come true and bought myself old camping bus. I get myself weird haircut from time to time and i buy freak clothes in second hand shops. I wear huge sunglasses to feel stylish. I´m gong for a trip to Norway in summer, and I will go for a residency somewhere far away in a future. I have Caps in education but i can mask then pretty well. I don´t do hard drugs, because I don´t want to ruin myself and I touch nice girls at the parties. I hate Czech attitude to many things, but I can´t set face against it. I don´t mind politics as long as I have anything to eat and freedom to act freely. Starving children ar far away and I don´t have a diary. I can converse with varied people and despise them in a same time. I have high speed internet so I´m not bored anytime. I am jingo, but I can be sensitive and nice if I want to. I do coloured pictures, but not so trendy and i shop in Ikea. Now I´m lying „sick“ in my bed (bought in Ikea),  because I have overdone yesterday´s party, I´m writing this peace of crap, which should act as my school work and I know that I can state it, even though I ought to deliver it few months ago. It is Saturday, somewhere in the middle of March, lunchtime, I´m listenning to electronic music, I´m going to eat something and fall asleep again. It´s time to UPRISE, ha ha.


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