Wise Monkeys 2022- 2023

Wise Monkeys
Cella and Hovorny Gallery, Opava
Curator_ Matěj Frank
13.12.2022 – 16.2.2023

Whether it is videos and films, objects, installations, interventions in public space or performances, Vladimír’s work is imbued with reactions to problematic social issues and a critique of the global consumer-oriented world. His clear and understandable gestures address a wide range of contemporary issues. Although he often works with local contexts – for example, the housing crisis in Prague, pollution in Bangkok or the greenwashing issue presented in Luhačovice – it is painful to realize that these problems concern the whole world.

Despite the constant social and political critique contained in Turner’s works, however, he cannot be categorized „only“ as engaged art. In addition to engagement, Vladimir’s projects are characterized by a strong visuality and often paradoxical playfulness. Less well-known, but no less interesting, are his poetic experiments with video matter and documentaries prepared for public media and non-profit organizations.

Through Turner’s videos, installations and almost surreal objects, the exhibition Wise Monkeys questions whether, despite our attitude towards nature and resources, we can still consider ourselves the wisest animals inhabiting the Earth.