Gas Chamber 2021 Most

Gas Chamber

Curator_ Luděk Prošek
Bunkr Gallery_ Most, Czech Republic
Accompanying text by environmentalist Radek Kubala


Bunkr gallery is located in Most city which is in Northern region of Czech Republic heavily affected by coal mining industry controlled by Czech oligarchs.

Gas chamber built by coal barons

They have been making money for decades by plundering the landscape, ruining human health and destroying entire communities. In addition, their business undermines the stability of the climate, which is affecting living conditions around the planet. Forest fires, floods, droughts, heat waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, crop failures, famines; such is the world they are preparing for us. They have known for at least forty years that the burning of coal, gas and oil leads to absolute destruction. And they don’t consciously do anything about it. Coal magnates and fossil fuel corporation owners are building a giant gas chamber for us, in which they want to cook us gradually and slowly. The coal era is slowly but surely coming to an end, mainly due to the pressure of the climate movement. Millions of people around the world have resisted the power of coal barons to bring an end to the dirtiest fossil fuel: coal… but the fight is not over yet. The coal magnates have decided not to give up their efforts to destroy all life on Earth and to move in droves from coal to no less dirty fuel, that of fossil gas. They still want to spin the wheels of capitalism to keep their profits at the expense of everyone else. The coal age left behind ruined villages and landscapes, hundreds of thousands of premature deaths, and a disturbed climate. The gas age will leave nothing behind. We will not allow them to complete this gas chamber.

Text translated by Deana Kolenčíková