Cool District 2014 Rotterdam

Cool District exhibition view_9


„Cool District“ is a name of hip neigborhood in Rotterdam. My show is a result of 6 week residency in Het Wilde Weten. The works shown can be seen as an diary of my everyday walks in the city. Show was divided in two parts: video projection and 3D assamblage of found and stolen objects from the street. Movie part was a projection of 18 minutes video called IV COMMENTS ON URBANISM in which I aimed to express my thoughts on four main topics of nowadays metropolis: I.Classification II. Gentrification IV. Restriction IV. Pollution. These videos can be seen as personal statements on temporary socio-political situation in urban landscape. Working with videoperformance, public intervention and videoart language. Second part is composed of installations, objects and photography. Documentation of my work in progress in studio and leftovers of unused materials were left in place so anybody can see the process of my work. I worked strictly with materials found or stolen in the sreets. This concept of recyclation and détornement of objects is in itself an artist manifesto(remixing pieces of political propaganda, public advertisement or natural materials).

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Untitled(Broom #2)_2 Untitled(Broom #2)_1
Untitled(Broom / Flag)


Untitled(Broom #2)
Untitled(Broom / Flag)_detail


You Don't Wanna Know Trip To Holland_2
You don’t wanna know / Trip to Holland


Trip To Holland
Trip to Holland_ detail


Student Demonstration(Crazy:Sexy:Cool)_1
Student Demonstration(is Crazy / Sexy / Cool)


Street Samples #1(Rotterdam, spring collection 2014)_6 Street Samples #1(Rotterdam, spring collection 2014)_7



Street Samples #1(Rotterdam, spring collection 2014)_3 Street Samples #1(Rotterdam, spring collection 2014)_4
Street Samples #1(Rotterdam, spring collection 2014)


Street Samples #1(Rotterdam, spring collection 2014)
Street Samples #1(Rotterdam, spring collection 2014)_ detail


Cool District exhibition view_11



Comments On Megapolis_ projection


Everythin That I Could Fit On My Bike


Everythin That I Could Fit On My Bike_6


Everythin That I Could Fit On My Bike_4


Everythin That I Could Fit On My Bike_3

Everything That I Could Fit On My Bike photo series


Herbarium #1_1


Herbarium #1_5


Herbarium #1_11


Herbarium #1_15


Herbarium #1_12





Cool District exhibition view_5

















References— shown photos that I made during my residency in Rotterdam. They function as my mind map and isnpiration references