Carol- Easter Eggs 2021


Carol- Easter Eggs

Cobblestones painted in traditional Czech Easter style. Piece dedicated to all the women who have ever suffered domestic violence.


Easter’s most popular tradition n Czech Republic is the pomlázka whipping. A pomlázka is a stick made by braiding together several thin branches of willow rods and adding colorful ribbons at the top end. This is then used to beat women on Easter Monday, which is supposed to keep them fertile, beautiful and healthy for the rest of the year. In villages, the tradition remains closer to the original, with younger boys going door to door and ringing a doorbell. If a woman answers, she gets whipped, sometimes also getting a bucket (or a splash) of cold water thrown on her. Tradition also requires that women give men a painted egg or some chocolate, as a “thank you” for the beating. Men get drunk on strong „pálenka“ spirits and get out their mind and many womena have life- long trauma thanks to Easter experiences. Domestic violence and rapeculture are being trivialized by Czech men feminism is seen as some kind of disease.