The Posttraumatic


I am happy to be one of The Post Traumatic collaborators. You can find my works in issue #1 and #2. The Posttraumatic was created because reading a physical newspaper, with a coffee and a cigarette (if you smoke) is a pleasure. It is a pleasure that five minutes later turns into rage and depression when seeing that the world is, at the very least, a complete mess. Starting from the depressive tiredness that underlies reading a conventional newspaper, we decided to propose an alternative. In The Posttraumatic you will find all the sections of the conventional newspaper; International, Society, Sports, Obituaries, the weather… but the content is created by artists. Conceptual artists who straddle acid humor, irony, philosophical/political reflection and the absurd. A fruit salad of rare interpretations with the aim of reflecting on how we consume and transmit information. If it is still not clear to you, it is because we are not sure what The Posttraumatic is either.

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