The Art Of Protest


Artist profile in new book by Gestalten alongside some of my friends and artists I respect. You can find here six pages with my artworks from Thailand, France, Germany and Czech Republic.

“In an era of sensationalized news, artists around the world are observing politics and raising awareness on issues like authoritarian regimes, sustainability, climate change, diversity, and immigration.

Art’s ability to communicate, question, and influence opinions have made it a vital tool in activism. We are living in tumultuous times where democracies are challenged from all sides and there is a growing divide between left and right. Diverse topics are subjects that contemporary artists are covering to generate controversy, shine a light on government issues, and create empathy.

The Art of Protest explores the connection between art, politics, and activism today. Understand how over the past decade, artists have been engaging with political and social issues of all kinds and often raising alarms that are missed by politicians.”

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