In a Landscape


Plenty of my older works(1Gb memorystick, Saver, Funeral, Spring cleaning..) and a brand new project „Wellness“ are shown at a group show about urban and natural landscape in the broadest socio– cultural context. The concept of the exhibition is based on the conviction that a sharp line between nature and culture is outdated. What is natural and what has been created by man form a single complex entity. Nature bears in itself manifestations of social and economic structures….

The title of the exhibition is a reference to the avant-garde music compositions by John Cage which enrich the music with seemingly heterogeneous elements and are open to chance and local context. The exhibition concentrates on a range of different methods by which contemporary art thematizes the landscape (nature) through up-to-date technologies and examines the interface between nature, art and science. A presentation of these compositions will be incorporated as part of the exhibition strategy. Technology is no longer approached as a merely neutral tool, but is accepted as an active agent contributing to the new understanding of materiality, sensibility and imagination. The idea of nature and its representation through a wide scope of visual means (from oil painting via digitally modified photography to a graphic record of a “hacked” plant) is presently unthinkable without experiments informed by scientific disciplines, and it also permeates the previously invisible microworlds and the macro scale of cosmic space outside the traditional limits of time and space that can be registered by our senses.

Official website

The House of the Lords of Kunštát
Dominikánská 9, Brno
Open: Tue – Sun 10 am – 6 pm
Opening: 7.2.2017

Curator: Milan Kreuzzieger

Exhibition Artists: Tomáš Honz, Jakub Jansa, Dimitri Nikitin, Štěpánka Šimlová, Miroslav Vavřina, Jakub Tomáš, Vladimír Turner


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