Fragments of Other Knowledge- group show in Reykjavik


Specific themes addressed in the exhibitions include spirituality; altered states of consciousness and drugs; wisdom associated with nature and traditional communities; „normality“ and institutionalization; cognition and experience mediated by the body; hand craft and slow lifestyle connected with it; the worldview of people with sensory or physical disabilities; discovery and adventure; artificial intelligence; and last but not least, artistic research itself as a unique form of knowledge. The intention of this project was to look for alternatives to the rationalist model of knowledge that prevails in our modern European culture. The point is not to disqualify reason and science, but rather to point out the broader framework of our existence in the world. The tradition of Western thought is associated, among other things, with power structures based on oppression (colonialism, patriarchy) or extractivism, which contributes to the social, economic and environmental problems of today. We consider dealing with alternatives to these systems to be one of the responsibilities of art and culture, which should stimulate and co-create (self) consciousness in society.

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