Partizaning In Bishkek



Igor Ponosov invited me to another Partizaning event. It is going to be in Bishkek, capital city of Kyrgyzstan republic. I will make lectures on grassroots initiatives versus commercial social/ urban projects. I will also manage a three day workshop.

Partizaning in Bishkek: Urban Art as tool of change the city
10.06—17.06.2016 / Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
Moscovskaya str., 163/1
Exhibition of Moscow Partizaning collective (RU) and public program with:
Brad Downey (US), The Wa (FR), Vladimir Turner (CZ), Kirill KTO (RU), art-group ZIP (RU), Anton Make (RU), Dmitro Zayets (RU), Vladimir Us (MD).
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