Angry Planet 2: Brno


The Brno exhibition Angry Planet II: Operation Continues is a follow-up to the Angry Planet show produced in 2017 by the National Technical Library and The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. In recent years, geopolitical, intercultural and social clashes and conflicts have become key issues of newspaper articles, politology seminars and conferences, as well as public discussions. The media often convey worries about the outbreak of a new global war, yet the form of conflicts in today’s globalized and medially interconnected world has changed. These conflicts seldom take place on the borders between territories and are chiefly manifested inside the individual states and geopolitical units, in the metropolises of our civilization, in connection with civilization or cultural disregard, stereotypes, streams of migrants, etc. The spectacular presentations of conflicts in the media also distinctly influence the public opinion and often conceal the essence of the conflicts. The exhibition therefore strives to point out the broader context of the conflicts and its expression through contemporary art, while on the other hand it does not shun critical approaches and discussions about the different manifestations and forms of violence (including, for example, structural violence). The core of the exhibition are both newly created and existing artworks supplemented with selected artefacts associated with the issue of conflict.
Curators Milan Mikuláštík (NTL) and Milan Kreuzzieger (Centre of Global Studies, the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the CR) start with the assumption that the majority of current global and local conflicts should be viewed from a wider cosmopolitan perspective rather than from the international, national or local one.

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