Vladimír Turner(1986) is interdisciplinary artist working with film, installations, interventions in public space and performance. In his work he focuses on socio-political topics such as sustainability, urbanism, rights to the city and general reflexion of the context of activism, anti–institutional movements and DIY culture. Concerning form, he uses video, but according to his own words, in one way it is just an instrument to document his performative and site-specific pieces happening in public space, in which he works more often and rather than in the white cubes of contemporary galleries. Vladimír is also a documentary filmmaker, who collaborates with international grassroot organizations, politically involved collectives and independent media groups. In the year 2017/1018 he was leading studio of experimental audiovisual studies on Prague`s Film And Television Academy(FAMU). He is working on a Phd. project on the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.



2005/2009 Bca degree at FAMU(Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague), Czech Republic
2008/2009 residency at Universidad de Cine, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 residency at Supermedia studio, AAAD Federico Diaz‚s studio, Czech Republic
2010/ 2013 Mga degree at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Intermedia confrontation studio of Jiří David, VŠUP, Czech Republic
2020/ PhD. at Academy Of Arts In Prague(AVU)



2011 Socially responsive communication workshop at Nijmegen, Memefest, The Netherlands
residency at Universitat Polytecnica de Valencia(UPV), sculpture department, Spain
2012 Indebted to intervene workshop at Griffith University at Queensland College of Art, Memefest, Brisbane, Australia
2013 residency at Office de la créativité, Toulouse, France
2014 residency at Het Wilde Wetten Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2016 Apollonia gallery Strasbourg, France
2018 Oberliht Chisinau Moldovia
2018 Bien Urbain Besançon France
2019 Kravín Rural Arts Maleč, Czech Republic
2020 In Cité Carhaix, France



2017/2018 Studio leader at the FAMU(Film And TV School Academy Of Performing Arts In Prague) Centre for Audiovisual Studies