The long series of films, videos, engaged interventions in public space, performances, and object installations provide a consistent testimony to the power of the themes reflected. For many years, Vladimír Turner(1986) has persistently pointed out problematic, and often strongly cautionary, moments of Anthropocene civilisation in various places around the world. The enchanted mechanism of consumption-production, the deceitfulness of marketing strategies, the extraction of non-renewable resources, the brutal devastation of the landscape, mass tourism, the misconception of the possibility of shackling the organism of a big city to a structure of order, gentrification, homelessness,  inhumane methods of political systems. In fact, the theme of the essence of pure humanity, personal and social responsibility towards the landscape, nature, and a sustainable way of life based on local self-sufficiency is recalled again and again. He points out the themes through matter-of-factly simple acts. This makes the awareness of the necessity of individual engagement all the more intense. Although his conceptual works have an activist character, often dealing with the subversion of paradox, the expressive power of the pure artistry cannot be ignored.



2005/2009 Bca degree at FAMU(Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague), Czech Republic
2008/2009 residency at Universidad de Cine, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 residency at Supermedia studio, AAAD Federico Diaz‚s studio, Czech Republic
2010/ 2013 Mga degree at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Intermedia confrontation studio of Jiří David, VŠUP, Czech Republic
2020/ PhD. at Academy Of Arts In Prague(AVU)



2011 Socially responsive communication workshop at Nijmegen, Memefest, The Netherlands
residency at Universitat Polytecnica de Valencia(UPV), sculpture department, Spain
2012 Indebted to intervene workshop at Griffith University at Queensland College of Art, Memefest, Brisbane, Australia
2013 Office de la créativité, Toulouse, France
2014 Het Wilde Wetten Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2016 Apollonia gallery Strasbourg, France
2018 Oberliht Chisinau Moldovia
2018 Bien Urbain Besançon France
2019 Kravín Rural Arts Maleč, Czech Republic
2020 In Cité Carhaix, France
2021 Net Gallery, Paris



2017/2018 Studio leader at FAMU(Film And TV School Academy Of Performing Arts In Prague) Centre for Audiovisual Studies